The first organic cosmetics line with:

Super Food

amplifies the effect

Green Tea Hydrolat

gives anti-oxidant properties

Concentrated Fruit Juice

enhances the effectiveness


amplifies the absorption of active ingredients


per te

For you

icea bio

ORGANIC certified

VEGAN certified

testato metalli pesanti

Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt Tested

dermatologicamente testato

Dermatologically tested

• High quality products thanks to high concentration of plant functional principles

• 100% natural origin

• No preservatives or synthetic colouring agents

• No parabens or synthetic emulsifying agents

• No ethyl alcohol

• No silicone

• Microbiologically checked

• Specially formulated to reduce the risk of skin allergies

per il pianeta

For the Planet

plastica riciclata

Recycled plastic

Vegetable-based paint



carta FSC

Use of Certified origin Paper

• No preservatives or synthetic colouring agents

• No ethoxylates (PEG and PPG)

• No propellents


• No petroleum or oil by-products

• No OGM or derivatives

• Cruelty-free

• 100% Made in Italy

• Production facilities with low ecological impact